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    Where Can I find Slots Social Casino game?
    If you have an Android Device then please visit GOOGLE PLAY & search for SLOTS SOCIAL CASINO.  
    We also have iPhone / iPad mini version of Game so you can seach SLOTS SOCIAL CASINO FROM appstore.
    Here is the short cut for the app Android download page       iPhone download page

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    How does Daily Bonus system works?
    When you use it first time, you will get 1,000 chip + 10min Luckytime + 1 Bronze key as first use bonus.
    We provide Every 24hours 1 Bronze key which will let you check your luck and there are so many other ways you can get Free Chips.
    Please check HERE to find out more.

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    How does Treasure box work?
    You can check your luck by opening the Treasure Cheat by the key that you obtain by Daily Bonus, Gift From Friend, spending my own chip to convert into Bronze, Silver, Gold Key.  
    When you open the chest you have chance to win certain chips or Item which you can collect.
    When you complete certain set of Items listed then you can convert it into Bigger size of chips as compensation.
    This is purely for fun just like Slot so there is no guarantee of winning all the time.
    It could be useful when you have alot of friends and they send you Key as gift then you can check your luck many times.

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    How can I get free chips?
    There are many ways to collect free chips within Slots Social Casino. You can get free chips;        
    - Very first time of running the game
    - Register username
    - Register Profile picture
    - When you verify your email address ( After create Playport Connect account )
    - When you wrtie review at appstore
    - Every 2 hours you will get 500 chip Bonus for every 10 follow you have. 
    - when other user follow you every -xxx user you will get

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    How can I get free luckytime?
    When you play slots social casino first then you will get 1x10min Lucky time as free gift.
    As you play the game make make friends and If many user follows you then you will get 1x5min lucky time at every 200 followers.

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    How can I set up my profile?
    You easily register your user profile from Setting. You can choose your own Username, Country & profile picture.
    Also you can user Facebook connect to bring your Facebook profile name & picture.

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    Where can I view my profile ?
    Your profile is located bottom of the main screen called " MY PAGE"  and it is your public profile where other user can see as well.
    You will be able to view your ITEMS, ASSET, PLAY RECORD (such as total winning, biggest win, biggest jackpot you won etc.) and VISITOR who viewed your profile.

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    Ranking System – How does it work?
    We have outstanding Ranking system where  every users have Ranking by WORLD (weekly Ranking Challenge), By COUNTRY, By number of followers,  by RICH.

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    What is Weekly Ranking Challenge?
    Everyweek Slots Social Casino select one Slot Machine with high denomination.
    Any users are eligible to enter the ranking challenge which last for 7days (168 hours) and Top 25 players will get Prize.

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    How can I change my username?
    Your username can not be changed once you selected, we can manually do it for you if you request via our Customer Support Here

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    How can I change my profile picture?
    There are two ways.
    If you connect with Facebook connect then you can use the same profile picture, or if you wish to upload any picture then please do not Connect Facebook and press Profile picture Box at Settings + Help.  
    Please aware that any user uploading inappropriate picture will cause Ban from game and account will be deleted. ( eg. such as nude picture )

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    What is Playport Connect ? (Only iOS)
    You can have ID as email address & password to log into you account.
    You can always enjoy Slots Social Casino as Normal user with Unique username or by facebook connect but we can't provide full customer support.
    Also you can't log-in same account from other device is you do not have Playport Connect by dedicated only on to one device.

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    How Can I report Inappropriate profile or message of abusive user?
    You can screen capture the according page that you think inappropriate and send us email.

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    How Can I report Bug?
    You can send us the detial, we will also send you free gift to you.

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    How can I find / add friend ?
    In Slots Social Casino you can find friends by inviting your friends personally or follow other users.
    When you are following and specific user is also following you then you can also manage separate as BEST FRIEND from you friend list.

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    How can I get more in-game Coins?
    Slots Social Casino is the only and only Slot app and we let any user to send chips to friend  unlimited time.
    You can also purchase in-game Coins for real money by tapping on the 'SHOP’ buttons from the main menu or within the SLOT game.
    Simply tap on the amount of Coins that you wish to buy, then continue to process the transaction according to the instructions.

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    Where can I find my chip balance?
    Your Chip balance will always show on the main lobby Top right hand sidd. You can also see your chip balance from MY PAGE & any Slot that you are playing as well.

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    Game says network connetion error, not responding or freezing from certain page. What should I do?
    SLOTS SOCIAL CASINO is online game so will require network connection always.  
    If you have network connection but still facing problems then please contact: Playport Customer Support.

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    I would like to play the game on my PC; is it possible?
    We are sorry that we do not have Facebook game yet and you can only play via Android & iOS device.
    You can download Android Slots Social Casino HERE & IOS Slots Social Casino HERE

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    Do you use my details or email for spam?
    We most certainly do not! Playport takes pride in using the most advanced technologies for security and privacy settings.
    We at Playport believe in everybody's right to privacy and a spam free mailbox.
    Therefore, we make sure that our data base is secure and that our players' emails are used for the soul purpose of logging in to the game and requesting support.

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    Is it possible to sell my Chips, Luckytime and Keys?
    Selling your game credits to other players is strictly prohbited.
    Furthermore, players who engage in this kind activity will be banned from the game and the account will be deleted.

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    Can I send gifts to my friends?
    Yes you can send unlimited Gifts to your friends.
    Some items is equvalent to chips for Android game such as Rose, wallet etc and some item has possiblity to be chips such as Keys. 

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    Can I send free spins to my friends?
    Sending Free spin to friend is absolutely free and friend can choose to use it or convert into 100 chips(Android Only).

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    Is it safe to buy Coins?
    Purchasing of Coins is done via Google Checkout, which is well known for its high standards of security, and is one of the most well known financial web sites in the world. To learn more, take a look at Google's Security Center.

  • Is your game considered to be a gambling service?
    SLOTS SOCIAL CASINO is categorized as card / casino games in Android & iTune, it is purely virtual currency basis casual social game for fun and its not for Real Money and not Real Online Gamble game.

  • Where can I learn the basic rules of the game?
    Don’t know how to play the game? No problem. Simply visit our How to play page, and learn everything you need to know.

  • Do you support languages other than English?
    We're sorry but we provide support only in the English language at the moment.